Why buy Italian leather handbags ?

When you see a tag of “made in Itay” you instantly know it’s a top notch quality product. Especially when it comes to fine leather handbags manufactured in Italy.

Buying a leather handbag is an investment. It's an accessory that you'll have for years, so you want to make sure that it's of high quality and will hold up over time. A made in Italy handbag is one way to ensure that your purchase is built with this longevity in mind. But before we jump into the benefits of buying Italian leather bags, let's first talk about what makes them unique.

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Types of Italian Leather

There are a few types of leather, but the two most popular are full grain and top grain. Full grain leather is the best type, because it's taken from the outside of the hide and has more texture, which means it will last longer and develop more character over time. Top grain leather comes from an inner layer that has been buffed down to make it smoother.

While the process for making leather requires tedious steps like tanning (turning animal hides into soft usable material), dying them different colors etc., I'll spare you too much detail here because I'd rather talk about what makes this material so special instead!

Why Buy a Made in Italy Handbag?

When it comes to choosing a leather bag, there are a lot of factors to consider. The quality, craftsmanship, design and style all need to be right for you. However, the quality of materials and attention to detail should always be at the top of your list when making this decision.

Made in Italy handbags have been dominating fashion since they first made their appearance on the runway back in the 1950s. The reason behind this is simple: because they are made with such care and attention to detail by some of the best craftsmen in Europe who spend countless hours on every single piece that leaves their workshop.

The Italian fashion industry is one of the largest in the world, and it’s no surprise that they have mastered the art of leather working. Italy has been known for centuries as a place where high-quality leather bags are produced; even back in ancient times, Roman soldiers wore handcrafted leather armor.

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Benefits of Italian leather handbags

Italian leather is the best in the world (as any Italian will tell you), which means that your new bag will last a lifetime—or even longer!

Below are the some benefits of buying an Italian leather bag:

 1. Quality

Italian leather bags are known for its quality and craftsmanship. We work with a century-old small business in Italy where the craft of leather handbag making has been passed on from generation to generation. They’re amazing in what they do and implements ethical working conditions.

2. Durability

 Because of their unique tanning process and premium quality leather used, the final product is more durable which stands the test of time and ages beautifully with time.

 3. Uniqueness

Each hide has unique natural markings and characteristics which are maintained during the tanning process. The end result is a genuine and lush appearance, and best of all, Italian bags ages beautifully.

4. Timelessness and slow fashion

When you purchase a high quality leather bag made in Italy, you buy a piece of art that you will cherish for years to come and since they are created to last a lifetime, you can proudly pass these much loved Italian leather bags on to the next generation.

 5. Easy maintenance

 The beauty of Italian leather is over time these luxury leather bags will develop a ‘patina’, adding to its uniqueness and ages beautifully with time. Italian leather handbags can be easily cleaned with a damp microfiber cloth.

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As mentioned above, we work with ethical artisans in Italy and every collection of our Italian leather handbags in Australia is unique, handcrafted and made with the best quality leather that the market offers. We are proud to be a slow fashion business where you won’t see us releasing new collection every few months. Instead you would see new addition of vibrant colours to the existing bag, beautiful linings which make and therefore our leather handbags are made in small batches.

Why would you buy a leather handbag? Well, there are many reasons. They're made with quality and exquisite craftsmanship, which makes them a high-end product that is worth investing in. But the real question here is: why not buy one?


Italian handbags Australia