What are the Mother's day gift ideas ?

Mother’s Day Message from Mimi & Coco


Mother’s day has always been something special for families to celebrate all over the world. At Mimi & Coco, we know mum’s rule the world and really are the reason why we are all here today! We want to take this opportunity to wish all our lovely mums out there a very Happy Mother’s Day.
Connection to our Mothers
We wouldn’t be the people we are without them – they have shaped our lives from the moment we are created to the moment we leave this Earth. Even if they aren’t here with us Earth-side, they still have an influential impact on our lives as we always carry a piece of them with us. The connection between a mother and her child is an unbreakable, unshakable bond that can withstand any pain, trauma, hurt and distance.
Being so far away from family as an immigrant can be very difficult when it comes to special occasions like Mother’s Day, but it makes us more appreciative of the time we do spend with our mums when we finally get to see them! Remember to always treat her like a Queen, because she deserves the very best.
Her sacrifices and triumphs
They have sacrificed so much for us to have wonderful, meaningful lives and ask for nothing in return – they are the true definition of unconditional love and no matter how near or far they are from us, mother’s will always be in the hearts of their children. Whether your mother is here, far or no longer with us, we understand the bond and love you share.
They do so much for us every single day and will go to the ends of the Earth to protect us, it feels like we can never repay them for their love and sacrifices. Her biggest achievement in life has been raising you and giving you life; her proudest moments in life have always included her children. No matter how easy or difficult it was to bring you into the world, she always says with a cheeky smile “I can take you out of it too!”
How can we repay them?
What we love about Mother’s Day at Mimi & Coco is the way we can show our mothers how much we love them, not just on Mother’s Day, but every day of the year. Through sending a short loving text message out of the blue, to showing up with flowers on a moment’s notice, cooking a meal for her when she’s under the weather, or taking her out for coffee and cake just the two of you – there are many ways we can say “I love you Mum” without a word.
Adding a touch of love to your gift to her this Mother’s Day means knowing exactly what her style and personality is – and how much she loves a new handbag! Who’s mother doesn’t love to have the latest accessory on her arm, especially when it’s personalised with her initials?
Our premium Italian leather handbags are the ultimate way to say “I love you more than anything” and have her reminded of your love every day she uses her new personalised bag. Browse for your mum’s personal style with our huge range of backpacks, clutches, tote bags, crossbody and mobile bags that come in so many vibrant and classic colours to suit her style!