Italian leather bags Australia

Welcome to Mimi & Coco

Mimi & Coco handbags and accessories’ selection are inspired by the Australian lands and colors but realized with the finest Italian leather and with the distinctive well-known expertise of the authentic Tuscany craft makers. We are proud to be sustainable and ethical in the way our leather goods are produced. Who meets Mimi & Coco fells in love with its lasting quality and classic style which make the handbags and accessories durable and always fashionable. Thanks to the broad Mimi & Coco’s collection, our customers can easily find the right handbag for any occasion with its large range of colors available for each model and with prices hard to imitate. Mimi & Coco goal is to create a unique online shopping experience adding value for money and style to our customers' look.

At Mimi and Coco, we believe things should be made to last. You will find new releases to add to your wardrobe which are timeless, long-lasting and high quality. We strongly believe that every woman deserves to look and feel beautiful. Handbags should be more than an accessory, they like clothing, should display your unique personality through your style preferences.

We are looking forward to welcoming you to Mimi & Coco family soon.

Thanks to Neha,

A young Australian entrepreneur who believed in Mimi & Coco’ project and put everyday passion and enthusiasm to grow this incredible luxury leather brand tailored for those who love quality, understand style and are price-conscious. Neha’s wish is to bring to the Australian luxury leather market a touch of the inimitable Italian class and versatile style together with the unique quality of the Italian leather. Neha selects every single handbag and accessory, thinking about how to meet her customer’s needs, focusing on how to provide them with the best shopping experience and bringing the best quality luxury leather to her customers’ homes by fast and sustainable delivery. Supporting Neha and Mimi & Coco means supporting every young woman who dreams to improve other women’s life.

Get ready to wear a Mimi & Coco handbag without travel to Italy!